#GivingTuesdayNow is a new global day of giving and unity taking place on May 5, 2020 – as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

Thank you for your support of CASA. During these stressful times, our main focus at CASA continues to be the safety of foster children, volunteers, and staff. Despite the complex circumstances, we have continued to provide the crucial advocacy foster children deserve. Recently, eight new volunteers were appointed to serve children!

Instead of making in-home visits, we have adopted safe practices allowing advocates to conduct virtual visits while practicing proper social distancing. Your support ensures volunteer advocates continue serving Oklahoma County foster youth.

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CASA volunteers give consistency to foster youth. For #GivingTuesdayNow you can give the gift of consistency to CASA!

Carrie Moore CASA volunteer
Volunteer Carrie Moore reads to a CASA child through FaceTime

Volunteer Carrie Moore has used FaceTime to virtually visit with both boys on her case and read two books together — Pinkalicious and The Cupcake Calamity, and To The Rescue. The second book got “2 thumbs up” from both boys. Afterwards, one said he wanted to be a doctor when he grows up, and the other said he wanted to be a lifeguard! Carrie’s consistency is inspiring these boys!

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Co-CASA volunteers Cindy Cantrell and Becky Payton have been extremely important on their case during this time. The case has six children in trial reunification with their mother and things have been a little hectic! The mom has been working tirelessly to home school all of the children as well as get food stamps in place. Cindy and Becky have been very involved in trying to help the family get everything set up during this time – going above and beyond in extraordinary ways. They found a free lunch program at a school right down the street from them, helped the mom get internet set up in the home, and lended the family an old computer the children could use for schoolwork. These volunteers have been a very important piece keeping the family together!

Volunteer Jessica Hunt
Volunteer Jessica Hunt making her delivery

On volunteer Jessica Hunt’s case, the family is in trial reunification and was released from a residential rehab program the third week of March into a family-friendly sober living apartment. The family does not have access to a computer or a car, and during one of Jessica’s calls to check in on the girls, they mentioned that they weren’t able to get their weekly packets from their school. Jessica started picking up the packets each week and leaving them on the porch so the girls don’t get behind in school!

Volunteer Juan Jimenez is the CASA advocate for an 11-year-old boy. Juan finds creative ways to stay engaged with his youth through video chat. In April, Juan learned that his child was interested in magic tricks. Juan encouraged him to practice his skills. Juan then coordinated a time where the boy put on a full magic show during a video chat visit! Juan said this boy really enjoyed showing off his new magic tricks, and he continues to encourage the boy and offer lots of praise. Prior to the pandemic, Juan helped promote some of his other hobbies, like sports and even attended his soccer games. Now that face-to-face contact isn’t an option, Juan doesn’t let that stop him from getting to know how his kiddo is doing!

Amber Pinnick is a new volunteer, sworn in December. She immediately accepted a case and took off! Over the time of COVID-19 self isolation, she assisted with the last in-person visit the week of Spring Break. Since that time, she has continued to communicate with both parents who are staying on track, and FaceTime with the children (one is an infant). She sent the older child an Easter surprise by mail since she cannot visit them!

These volunteers are changing lives and creating positive outcomes. Give your gift of support for #GivingTuesdayNow — make sure our volunteers continue to have the resources and staff support they need!

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