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CASA of Oklahoma County trains and supports local volunteer advocates who speak for the best interests of children in foster care. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate, and is comprised of unpaid volunteers with giving hearts and extensive training. The advocate does not have to be a lawyer or legal expert.

In their role, the CASA volunteer investigates the child’s case in order to make recommendations to the Juvenile Court judge regarding what may be best for each child’s individual needs and best interests. CASA’s recommendations typically involve the child’s placement, child’s school, therapy, medical, or other needs.

Anyone can request a CASA volunteer
Our program serves cases under the jurisdiction of Oklahoma County. If the child is currently in foster care or state custody, you or anyone else can request a CASA volunteer be appointed to the case.

Our volunteers make recommendations to a judge on whether reunification or adoption is appropriate for children in foster care. We do not provide legal services that might be of assistance in circumstances of divorce or similar custody cases.

CASA volunteers do not choose which cases they are appointed to, and there are many more cases than available volunteers. This means that we are not able to assign a CASA volunteer to every case. However, we assign CASA volunteers to every case we can.

If you know of a juvenile court case that may need a new perspective, please complete the form below to be contacted about making an official CASA volunteer request:

Request Information



If you know someone who might have the skills and desire to be a CASA volunteer, please direct them to our FAQ and Volunteer Inquiry pages.