CASA of Oklahoma County’s thorough training process provides the volunteer with in-depth information about the courts and case dynamics. Training takes place in a classroom setting and lasts for eight weeks.  Please contact our Recruitment Director for more information on our training options.  Day sessions take place on Thursdays from 11AM-2PM each week and night sessions take place on Tuesdays from 5:30-8:30PM each week.

2018 Training Schedule

Thursday (Day) Session 2: 4/5/2018-5/24/2018
Tuesday (Night) Session 3: 5/29/2018-7/17/2018
Thursday (Day) Session 3: 7/26/2018-9/13/2018
Tuesday (Night) Session 4: 8/7/2018-9/25/2018
Thursday (Day) Session 4: 10/4/2018-11/29/2018
Tuesday (Night) Session 5: 10/16/2018-12/4/2018

Continuing Training

After becoming a volunteer, additional training is required annually in compliance with national standard. In-service formal training is available quarterly to help volunteers meet the twelve hours of continuing education annually.  This is a great way for practicing advocate volunteers to keep their basic skills sharp and to provide a more in-depth study of critical issues relating to child abuse and neglect. In-service and other trainings can be found on our calendar.