Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – and what better way to celebrate those you love than to make a charitable gift in their honor? CASA of Oklahoma County is the local nonprofit with a heart right there in our logo! And, over the years, Valentine’s Day has come to symbolize much more than romantic love. Parents enjoy giving sugary gifts to their children, grandparents receive flowers and notes with kind words – and of course, suitors send words of wit and whimsy to those they fancy. This year, let CASA take some of the effort out of the process for you! Send a “CASA-Gram” Valentine’s Day message to someone you love. And share CASA’s mission with them as well!

For your gift of $20 or more, we will send a custom CASA Valentine’s Day card to someone you love! Simply complete the donation form below and include your personalized message and the mailing address of your recipient in the comments box on the form. We’ll get your Valentine assembled and mailed out post-haste! Your recipient will have the opportunity to pay-it-forward as well, by matching your gift and sending along a Valentine of their own. Thank you for your support of CASA – and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!